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Arilbred Iris (AB)

Arilbred Iris

are hybrids between the pure aril iris and our regular bearded iris. The resulting crosses have the exotic look of the Aril Irises on plants that grow in a wider range of climates.

The amount of "Aril Blood" in each iris will help detemine how easy it is to grow. A cross between a pure Aril and a bearded iris gives you a "half blood". Cross that with another bearded and you have 1/4 blood (easier to grow). Cross a 1/2 blood with a pure aril and you get 3/4 blood. When I know, I will tell you how much Aril blood is in each iris. We denote this using a simple system.
AR = Pure Aril
OGB+ = 3/4 or more Aril blood (Could also be OB+ or RB+)
OBG = 1/2 blood (could also be OB or RB)
OGB- = 1/4 blood (could also be OB- or RB-)

These iris range in height from a few inches tall to over 3 feet so be sure to check the description for registered height.

The hybrids we list here grow well in the Puget Sound area. Still, these are considered "Collectors Irises" as the foliage tends to not remain attractive throughout the summer.

AB Child Song

(Jensen, 1984) (RB-) (19") A lovely mix of yellow, caramel and lavender. Easy to grow in our area. Hybridized by my good friend Elm Jensen.

AB Desert Snow

(Black, 2008)  25"  OGB-

White with a bold purple fall spot. One of the easiest to grow Arilbreds.

AB Egyptian Queen

(Johnson, 2007) (OGB-) (20") A superb Arilbred. Easy to grow and very attractive. The standards almost glow out in the garden!

AB Enigmatic Elf

(Jensen, 2007) (OGB-) (16") A deligtful lime yellow iris with a diffused maroon fall spot. This iris usually blooms around 8" for us, never quite reaching it's registered height.

AB Free As The Wind

(Tasco, 2015) 24" OGB-

Very light violet self with a large rasberry red fall spot.Very easy to grow for an Arilbred.

AB Some Velvet Morning

(Jensen, 2013) 28" OGB-

Mid-violet standards over mauve falls washed violet with red veins and a black line shaped signal.

Easy to grow.

AB Sun And Snow

(Tasco, 2018)  22"   OGB-

White standards over yellow falls sporting a ruby red fall spot. Very good grower and even better bloomer!

AB Suspect
AB Suspect

(Johnson, 2006)   23"

Blue violet standards over rosy mauve falls with an almost black fall spot. Mohr Medal winner!

AB Violet Storm

(Tasco, 2019)  22"   OGB-

Medium violet with a dark purple fall spot. Good grower.

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