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Tall Bearded (TB)

Over 27” tall

From Grandma's old iris to the newest hybrids, Tall Bearded irises (TB) bloom season will be the highlight of your perennial bed. TBs offer a variety of color and pattern that will work with any garden theme.  Many are fragrant as an added bonus.

We apologize for the smaller selection this year. Thank you to all of you Covid Gardeners out there who cleaned us out last year. Hopefully we will have our stock rebuilt by 2022!

TB Advanced Features

(Aitken, 2012)   40"

Rosewood standards over light blue falls with a latching rosewood rim. Add some light ruffling and this turns into a very classy iris!

TB Afterlife

(M.Smith, 2010) 37"

White standards over medium violet falls with a striking orange beard.Fragrant!

TB Alabaster Lace

(Aitken, 2016)   42"

Ice white with pale blue beards. Heavily laced edges.

TB Always And Forever

(Schreiner, 2016)   36"

What standards with an old gold rim. White falls with purple dots and rim.

TB Amazon Queen

(Miller, 2018)   40"

A unique orchid pink and butter yellow blend. Soft, sweet, and awesome!

TB Back By Nightfall

(Price, 2016) 33"

Maroon red standards over red black falls with a solid gold beard. And it is fragrant!

TB Battlestar Atlantis

(Aitken, 2008)   42"

Bright white with horns, spoons and/or flounces depending on its mood. Fun and fragrant.

Margaret really loves this iris. She would likely divorce me if I even contemplated replacing it in the garden. Not that I ever would. Honest...

TB Best And Brightest

(Black, 2011)   36"

Bright lemon yellow with a marigold beard. Lightly fragrant.

TB Blue My Mind

(Schreiner, 2014)   35"

Blue, lighter at the edges. Our last TB to bloom so extends the bloom season.

TB Bright Sunshiny Day

(Johnson, 2010)   41"

Bright yellow with falls overlaid with mahogany veins and stippling.

TB Brilliant Idea

(Keppel, 2008) (36") White with a blue edge around the falls. Very showy.

TB Cabbage Patch

(Aitken, 2013)   38"

White blending to pale lavender. The highlight of this iris are the beards that turn into HUGE flounces. Truly a unique and awesome iris!

TB Cornhusker

(Stanek, 2000)   37"

Bright yellow. An excellent rebloomer.

TB Dance Til Dawn

(Johnson, 2011) 36"

Golden yellow with a small white patch at the end of the tangerine beard.

TB Daring Deception

(Johnson, 2012) 35"

White standards. Purple falls with a matching white band. One of Patrick's favorites and 2020 Dykes Medal winner!

TB Duncan's Smiling Eyes

(Lauer, 2003)   34"

Too many shades of blue to mention. An excellent iris that is a vigorous grower.

TB Early Harvest

(Aitken, 2014)   34"

Red brown standards over copper falls. A good rebloomer for us.

TB Echo Of Spring

(Price, 2013)   34"

Burgundy standards and falls. Falls have a sky blue wash that gives an electric look to it. Profuse rebloomer for us.

TB Edge Of Heaven

(Johnson, 2014)   36"

White standards with a faint gold band. Purple red  falls with a large white zonal spot under the orange beard.

TB Enraptured

(Schreiner, 2016)   40"

Dusky purple standards on top of buff falls. Wonderfully ruffled.

TB Espionage

(Keppel, 2014)   37"

Pale blue standards over purple falls. Ruffles for miles and miles.

TB Gracious Me

(Aitken, 2015)   46"

Medium blue. Very heavy bloomer. This one will not disappoint!

TB Gypsy Lord

(Keppel, 2005)   40"

White standards over blue violet falls with a large white zonal spot. Dykes Medal winner!

This is probably my favorite Tall Bearded iris. It has immaculate form, perfect ruffling and the colors are crisp, clean and really draw you in.

TB Japanesque

(Farr, 1922)   30"

Impossible to describe, but here I go. Purple and white. Sometimes wants to be a flatty (6 falls, no standards), sometimes not. Sometimes it has a light lavender broken color streak, sometimes not.

We generally do not grow antique bearded irises, but this one has grabbed our hearts and will not let go. It is always fun to see what variation each flower will give us.

TB My Lady's Manor

(Remare, 2012)   40"

Blue white standards over paler falls. Very nicely ruffled and perfect form.

Our guess is this one will win the Dykes Medal. It is that good!

TB Peggy Sue

(Lauer, 2006)   34"

Medium pink. A great rebloomer.

TB Re-Enactment

(Joan Roberts, 2011)   36"

Bright yellow standards over dusty rose falls. Fragrant and reblooms too!

TB Redneck Girl

(Schreiner, 2014)   36"

Red purple with a purple beard. Makes a real statement!

TB Repeat Performance

(Roberts, 2008)   37"

Ice blue standards over deep velvety blue falls. Good rebloom.

TB Rubio
TB Rubio

(Marky Smith, 2015)   37"

Creamy standards over ruby red falls Neatly ruffled.

TB Seven Of Nine

(Filardi, 2009) (39") Mauve pink standards, red violet falls and a horned beard. Very fragrant!

As beautiful as it's namesake from Star Trek's Voyager television series.

TB Strawberry Freeze

(Johnson, 2012)   35"

What standards over strawberry red falls with a lighter band.

TB Swoosh
TB Swoosh

(Lynda Miller, 2012)   29"

Clear pink standards over slightly paler falls. The beard starts coral pink, turning white at the tip which ends in a horn. Lightly fragrant.

TB Team Player

(Johnson, 2012) (36") Gold standards over purple falls with a narrow buff gold haft.

TB White Hot

(Tasco, 2008)   37"

Whate with a touch of yellow at the hafts and a bright orange beard.

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