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Intermediate Bearded (IB)

16” – 27” tall

If you wonder what would happen if you crossed an SDB with a TB, this is the result. Of medium height and flower size, Intermediate Bearded irises (IB) will blend nicely with your taller perennials. Surprisingly enough, they bloom directly between the SDB and TB bloom seasons!

IB Aquanaut

(M. Smith, 2008) (24")

A medium size, georgeous blue iris. Classic!

IB August Treat

(Aitken, 2012) (20")

Blue lavender with contrastng veins at the hafts. A solid rebloomer for us.

IB Coral Dragon

(Marky Smith, 2015)  24"

Neatly ruffled melon orange self.

IB Crimson Jazz

(Walker, 2012) (26")

Gold base heavily overlaid dark red. A great rebloomer for us. Hot!

IB Dancing In The Moonlight

(Black, 2011)   20"

A really sweet iris. Light yellow standards over white falls heavily overlaid with yellow. The barest hint of a horn at the tip of the beard.

IB Easy Peasy

(Sutton, 2015)   20"

Butter yellow standards over white falls, veined and edged yellow.

IB Hand Sewn

(Walker, 2016)   23"

White with purple stitching on the edge and a few purple dots scattered on the falls. Very fragrant!

IB Mescalero

(Marky Smith, 2012)   24"

How to describe??? Pink standards, orange style arms, cream falls overlaid with violet dots and a salmon rim. Add a tangerine beard and you have major awesomeness!

IB Red Hot Chili

(Sutton, 2007)   registered at 18" but blooms taller for us.

Stadards yellow overlaid ruby red. Falls are bright yellow with a rust red dotted edge.

A great rebloomer for us.


IB Rimaround

(Aitken, 2007)   22"

White stitched purple. Excellent form.

One more of Margaret's favorites. I should mention that she has excellent taste!

IB Spectator

(Keppel, 2010)   22"

Plum standards. White falls with a matching plum border. Simply our best grower and bloomer. Perfect!

IB Starwoman

(M. Smith, 1998)   25"

Famous in the iris world for being one of the first Dykes Medal winners that was not a TB. I do not know if it the falls are white with a purple band, or purple with a white zonal spot. Either way, you need to grow this iris!

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