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Miniature Tall Bearded (MTB)

16” – 27” tall

Miniature Tall Bearded irises (MTB), also known as Table Irises, make great cut flowers. They have many delicate blossoms held neatly on slender stalks. They also make great companions in your perennial bed. The many blossoms lead to a long bloom season in a nice, compact clump.

MTB Alani
MTB Alani

(Booth, 2012) (20") Bright apricot with a reddish flush on falls. Tends to rebloom for us.

MTB Bingo Marker

(Lynda Miller, 2017) 25"

Bright deep yeelow stardards over plum purple falls with a yellow rim.

MTB Black Cherry Sorbet

(Harris, 2016) 22"

Black cherry red standards over orchid falls, heaily veined black cherry red. Makes a stunning clump!

MTB Candy Basket

(Harris, 2016)  22"

Warm caramel standards over white falls, heavily overlaid with dark red veins.

MTB Chocolate Fountain

(Fischer, 2015) 21"

Rich brown standards over purple falls with a touch of white at the hafts.
Very nice iris.

MTB Delightful Delany

(Fischer, 2018)  24"

Yellow standards over violet falls.

MTB Dividing Line

(Dividing Line, Bunnell, 2004) (22") White standards over purple falls with a matching center line. Remarkable!

MTB Emoji
MTB Emoji

(Miller, 2018) 20"

Lemon yellow standards and style arms. Falls are purple at the center, fading to lilac with a fine yellow rim. An intriguing iris to say the least.

MTB Endless Treasure

(Fischer, 2015)  17"

Pink standards, orange style arms and peach falls.

Kinda short but right in my wheelhouse!

MTB Flirtin' Skirts

(Black, 2018) 24"

If the word bold can be used to describe an MTB, this one deserves it!

Smoky lilac standard with orange style arms and beard. The falls or peach heavily overlaid bright burgundy red.

MTB Hot News

(Markham, 2009) (24") Brick red standards. Wine red falls. Well named. Hot!

MTB Little White Tiger

(Witt, 2009) (16") White with distinct purple veining on the falls. One of Jean Witt's best.

MTB Moose Tracks

(Lynda Miller)  20"

Gold standards viened purple. Whaite falls viened dark red.

MTB Pink Buttons

(Carol Lankow, 1996) (22")

A gentle, soft pink with a coral beard.

MTB Pretty Pony

(Witt, 2012) (23") White ground heavily dotted violet blue. Good rebloom.

MTB Quiet Seas

(Lynda Miller, 2018)  23"

Light violet standards over darker falls.

MTB Redrock Princess

(Witt, 2003) (22") Brown standards over rose red falls with bold white veins.

Jean Witt was another hybridizer that was very important to my development in the iris world. Brilliant, witty, and the consumate hybridizer, Jean was always ready with a piece of advice. Redrock Princess is my favorite MTB from Jean.

MTB Regal Princess

(Booth, 2018) 22"

Medium brown standards over white falls, heavily veined and washed purple.

MTB Rose City

(Miller, 2014) (21") Standard are butter yellow. Falls are yellow heavily washed orchid rose. A good rebloomer for us.

MTB Sedona Nights

(Ann Booth, 2015)  22"

Bold blue purple self with a shocking gold beard.

MTB Tic Tac Toe

(Johnson, 2010) (24") Pink standards and pearl violet falls. Love it!

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