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New Introductions

New for 2023!

We are proud to offer 4 new introductions again this year. Two are Japanese Iris hybrids from Lee Walker. One is a Sino-Siberian iris that came from seed given to Patrick by Carla Lankow. The fourth is a wonderful SDB from fellow Washington hybridizer Elm Jensen. We have hopes to have an Iris setosa and Iris pumila to introduce, so keep checking back!

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JI Twilight Attraction

(Walker, 2023)  40"  3 falls  tetraploid
Hot pink with a blue halo. A really beautiful iris!

JI Twilight Daydreamer

(Walker, 2023)  38"  3 falls  tetraploid
Purple standards over white falls with a purple halo and veins. Makes a stunning clump!

SDB Fire Bringer

(Jensen, 2023)  13"
Bright yellow with a velvety red fall spot. This is right in my wheel house!

Sino-Sib Black Belt

(Spence, 2023)  36"
Standards are red purple (RHS71A). Falls are a cream ground heavily overlaid red purple (RHS71A) with a black fall spot and centerline stripe and a gold line signal.
The name signifies the black stripe down the falls, but also harkens back to an earlier time in my life when I was heavily into the martial arts scene, holding a black belt in Judo and Cuong Nhu.

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