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Species Cross Iris Cal-Sib


This is a wonderful cross between the series of Pacific Coast iris (Californicae) and the 40-chromosome Siberian Iris. PCIs notoriously do not like to grow outside of their native range and are temperamental about getting transplanted. Sino-Siberian iris are finicky as well, only thriving in specific conditions. The specific goal of this cross is to get the unique flower characteristics of the PCIs onto a plant that will transplant well. The result is a complete success, at least in our garden. The range within which Cal-Sibs will be successful is still unknown, but I suspect it is much greater than either the PCI or Sino-Siberian.

We grow these in general garden conditions. Basically we plant them green side up, water occassionally, and fertilize if we happen to think about it. They thrive on a bit of neglect and reward us with amazing clumps of beautiful flowers.

We think Cal-Sibs are a premium plant for any perennial garden. Easy to grow with beautiful flowers, and foliage that gives structure to the garden for the entire growing season.

Give them a try. We think you will not regret it.

They do require acidic to neutral soil. Alkaline soil will kill them.
Hardy to zone 6, perhaps colder.
Full sun to bright shade.

SPEC-X Crimson Accent

(Witt, 1998) (20", Cal-Sib)

How to describe? White with a faint tint of lavender, lavender veins and a gold signal. But where this iris really shines is in the crimson red spathes. Exceptionally attractive in the moments just before the bud finally opens! Email me to find out about its unique genetics.

SPEC-X Fourfold Wine

(Tamberg, 1997) (21", Tet Cal-Sib) This Cal-Sib lives up to all stereotypes of a tetraploid iris. Large foliage and wine red flower. Very impressive when it is in bloom!

SPEC-X Gossamer Sails

(Witt, 1982) (22", Cal-Sib) White with  pale orchid stipples and veins. A mature clump in bloom is a vision to behold!

SPEC-X Half Magic

(Farmer, 1983) (25", Cal-Sib) Creamy ground with violet veins and a peachy orange signal. Very bold and an excellent grower!

SPEC-X Into The Galaxy

(Niswonger, 2010) (24", Tet Cal-Sib)

Cream standards with a magenta center stripe. Cream falls, heavily overlaid magenta with a near black halo around a gold signal. Big and bold!

Tetraploid Calsibs can be fertile and we are growing seedlings from this one.

SPEC-X Lyric Laughter

(Witt, 1988) (24", Cal-Sib) The classiest of Jean's introductions! Creamy standards over yellow falls. Darker yellow signal outlined by small brown veins.

SPEC-X Pacific Wildwood

(Reid, 2003) (20", Cal-Sib)

A gorgeous blue violet with a large white sunburst around the gold signal. Very striking and an excellent grower!

SPEC-X Stitch Witchery

(Reid, 2001) (30", Cal-Sib)

White ground with purple stitch lines and a large yellow signal. Unique!

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