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Species Cross Bearded Iris

Species Cross - Bearded Iris

These are bearded iris that have a pure species as one or both of the parents. Their growth and bloom habit do not fit one of the main catagories, so this is where we put them. We enjoy them, and think you will too!

SPEC-X Magyar Medley

(Edinger, 1998) 10"

Bright yellow standards. The falls are white, veined brown with a yellow rim. The flowers are too small and the stalk too short to be classified as an MTB, but this little iris really draws the eye.
The parentage on this iris dates back to 1934 and involves crossing with different clones of I. variegata in each generation.

I have it planted at the front of the house in a raised bed. It has an arisaema growing through the middle of it and does battle with a particularly aggresive clone of an ornamental oregano, yet still thrives and blooms gloriously. This little beauty will do well in the front of your perennial bed or in a rock garden.

SPEC-X Weird Science

(Black, 2019)   17"

White with purple stitching and bands.

The cross involves I. junonia.

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