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Bearded Species Iris (SPEC)

Depending on who you ask, there are between 250 and 300 species of iris in the world.

Margaret and I love pure species iris. Over the years, we have around 150 different species iris. Though we enjoy them all, some stay in the garden, and some move on. We currently have around 120 different species in the garden. All species come from the northern hemisphere of our planet and are widely distributed. From our local Pacific Coast Natives to iris from the swamps of Louisiana; Iris setosa (Alaska wild iris) from the artic tundra, to the many spectacular species from the deserts and mountains of the Middle East. If you are a species geek (and why shouldn'y you be?) there is a species of iris to fit an environment.

We are pleased to announce that 2022 will be a big year for Species Iris in our garden, Our local iris club, the King County Iris Society, will be hosting a national convention for the Society for Siberian Iris (SSI) and the Species Iris Group North America (SIGNA). A full day will be spent in our garden with several events, including a Species Iris Trek led by Jan Sacks of Joe Pye Weed's gGarden. This will be a great experience for all iris lovers as we get to learn about all of the different types of iris in one event.

Please contact us for specific cultural requirements and growing instructions for each of the Species Iris we list.

I. albicans

Iris albicans is probably the oldest iris in cultivation. From Yemen and Saudi Arabia, it has been in culivation since at least 1400 B.C.
If you want to grow an iris with history, here it is!

I. germanica ssp. Florentina

From Europe.

About 36" tall in our garden, a little bit fragrant and stark white.

I. pseudopumila

Native to southern Italy.

A natural dwarf bearded iris, blooming under 12" in our garden.

Creamy yellow with a maroon wash on the falls. A rare but fun and unique iris.

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