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Bearded Iris

Our Bearded Iris offerings are updated for 2023. Inventory will be added and the site will be open for sales at midnight, New Year's Eve.

 You can identify a bearded iris by the fuzzy appendage

growing on each of the falls (petals that point downward). The beards are attractors to the bees as they come in to pollinate the flowers.

Bearded iris come in several classifications (sizes). From mere inches tall to well over 3’ tall, there is a bearded iris for every garden. As a general rule, the shorter the bearded iris, the earlier in the season it will bloom. In our garden, the MDBs will begin blooming in early April, and the TBs will bloom well into June.

By planting a few of each type, you can get up to 3 months of bloom.

From Grandma’s old iris to the newest of hybrids, Bearded Iris are a staple in any perennial bed.

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