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Aril & Arilbred Iris

Aril Iris

are the unique and exotic irises native to the deserts and mountains of the Middle East. They thrive in hot and dry climates with poor soils. There are over 80 different species in this class. We break Aril Iris into 2 catagories.

Aril (AR) - These iris are either pure species or hybrids between pure species. These are notoriously dificult to grow, with a few exceptions.

Arilbred (AB) - These are hybrids between any of the pure species and our normal bearded iris. The result of such crosses gives us the exotic flowers on plants that will grow in a larger variety of climates.

The irises we list here grow well in our garden here in the rainy Puget Sound. They should be adaptable to most climates with little fuss. Still, you should note that we consider these "Collectors Iris". Though they grow and bloom well for us, they tend to go dormant in the summer and the foliage is not altogether attractive throughout the growing season.